Bonneau Photography started in 1998 in Girdwood, Alaska. Justin graduated from world renouned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California 1998. He moved to Alaska to pursue his dream of producing nature, underwater, adventure sport, and wildlife photography. After three years of fulfilling his portfolio Justin had reached his first goal by getting representation thru Alaska Stock Agency. Justin began to get published and started building a name for himself.

In the summer of 2001 Justin was blessed with being introduced to his future wife Stacey. Together they traveled and produced imagery which enabled them to stay on the road photographing Hawaii, the Southwest, and most of North America. Soon after Justin and Stacey decided to get married and start a family. Justin had always been interested in portraiture and started a wedding photography business in Chico, California. In 2003 Justin and Stacey photographed there first wedding and absolutely loved it. The whole industry was shifting to a more photojournalistic and candid style which Justin and Stacey perfected. The business flourished all the way into 2015 where Justin and Stacey decided to make a change.

After photographing 200 plus weddings Stacey and Justin have decided to turn Bonneau Photography back into its original vision of producing artistic high quality imagery with an emphasis on nature. Justin is going to  start working on his nature and adventure sport. Bonneau photography will continue to shoot weddings but only a few a year. Justin will also focus more on developing a unique and personable portraiture section of his business.

So if your interested in having your family photographed in a new refreshing style, or you have something fun and exhilarating you want documented, or your looking to decorate a home or business with high quality original artwork. Bonneau Photography should be a place for you to start. Justin would love to hear from you so please feel free to reach out with any questions.

All images are the property of Justin Bonneau (Bonneau Photography) All rights reserved.